At Resolve360, we are committed to transforming the way conflicts are resolved, promoting harmony, and fostering lasting solutions.

Education And Awareness

Arbitration Training

Comprehensive programs designed to equip participants with the skills required to act as arbitrators in various contexts.

Adjudication Training

Specialized training for professionals interested in developing expertise in the adjudication process.


Articles and paper on ADR to increase research in the field and develop a knowledge bank and repository amongst practitioners.

40-Hour Mediation Certification Course

Graduates of our 40-Hour Mediation Certification Course receive a recognized qualification, enabling them to practice as certified mediators. This certification opens doors to diverse opportunities in the legal, corporate, and community sectors, further emphasizing our dedication to empowerment and capacity

Moots and debates

To increase sensitization of ADR amongst young professionals and students so as to cover the gap in information created by limited education on ADR at most formation levels in Uganda.

Mentorship series

Mentorship at Resolve360 extends beyond technical skills, encompassing broader aspects of professional growth. Mentors offer insights into networking, client management, and career advancement within the ADR field. They provide guidance on building a strong reputation, establishing credibility, and seizing opportunities for personal and career development. Through regular mentorship series with established ADR practitioners, Resolve360 is able to provide mentorship opportunities to young professionals and students.

Consultancy services

Resolve360’s consultancy services form a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering peaceful and effective conflict resolution. Rooted in a deep understanding of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) principles, our consultancy offerings are designed to provide individuals and organizations with comprehensive, tailored solutions that address their unique conflict challenges.

Customized Solutions

At Resolve360, we recognize that every conflict is distinct, influenced by factors such as industry, culture, and context. Our consultancy services begin with a thorough assessment of our client’s needs, enabling us to design customized strategies that align with their goals. Through in-depth analysis and collaboration, we develop a roadmap that outlines clear steps towards resolution, minimizing disruption and maximizing positive outcomes.

Conflict Prevention and Management

Our consultancy services extend beyond resolving existing conflicts; we emphasize proactive approaches to conflict prevention and management. Drawing on our extensive expertise, we help clients identify potential sources of conflict within their organizations and design preventive measures to mitigate these issues before they escalate. This forward-thinking approach contributes to a harmonious and productive work environment.

ADR Integration

For organizations seeking to incorporate ADR into their operations, Resolve360 offers consultancy on ADR integration. Our team collaborates closely with clients to design and implement ADR processes and mechanisms that seamlessly align with existing structures. This integration enhances the organization’s ability to address conflicts promptly and effectively, resulting in improved relationships and operational efficiency.

Conflict Resolution Strategy Development

Our experienced consultants work hand in hand with clients to develop comprehensive conflict resolution strategies. These strategies encompass a range of ADR techniques, from negotiation and mediation to arbitration and adjudication. By equipping clients with a diverse toolkit of approaches, we empower them to select the most appropriate method for each unique conflict scenario.

Training and Capacity Building

In addition to strategic guidance, Resolve360’s consultancy services often include training and capacity-building components. We design tailored workshops, seminars, and training programs to enhance the conflict resolution skills of individuals and teams within the organization. This comprehensive approach ensures that our clients are equipped not only with effective strategies but also with the practical skills to implement them.


Resolve360 proudly collaborates with organizations such as Amani Communities from Kenya. This partnership enhances our cross-border expertise, facilitating the sharing of insights and strategies for effective conflict resolution in diverse cultural contexts.This partnership expands our reach and enriches our offerings, allowing us to draw from a wealth of experiences and insights from across borders.
At Resolve360, we are committed to transforming the way conflicts are resolved, promoting harmony, and fostering lasting solutions.